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Introducing A-1 Bakery's popular products.
Since our establishment in 1948, we have been delivering the same deliciousness.

Light Rye Walnut Raisin Bread

Made with premium Rye Wheat Flour accompanied with natural honey - this bread is soft with a hint of sweetness. The walnuts and raisins added provide depths in both flavors and texture. One of our best selling products!

Donut Series

A-1 Bakery's donut series using 100% Japanese flour. Each donut has its own unique taste.

Mini Series

A-1 Bakery's Mini Series, chewy and mochi-like mouthtaste of pontikege is fascinating, and you can freely mix and match to create your own flavor combination!


A-1 Bakery improved croissant recipe come with ultra flaky crust and airy crumb. A-1 Bakery Croissant with fabulous buttery notes leave you wanting more.

Japanese Sweet Potato Bread

Buns with sweet potato filling and coated with cocoa powder - sweet & delicious.

Chicken Flakes Bread

This is savory bread is topped with the chicken flakes that is perfect for feeding a crowd.

Danish Toast

A-1 Bakery hot-selling product, Danish Toast with a mixture of French Croissant and traditional bread develops a smooth elastic texture and is tantalizingly pliable in the middle.

Kiwami Bread

The extremely soft Kiwami Bread is made of high-quality Japanese flour and made with Japanese recipes. Kiwami Bread is moist, soft, tender, and chewy. Whether it is morning, afternoon, or evening, it is definitely the ultimate choice in your daily life!

Ultra Fluffy Toast

Japanese wheat flour, New Zealand unsalted butter and by adding plenty of condensed milk, honey, fresh cream, Ultra Fluffy Toast becomes fragrant, chewy, and moist. You can enjoy the toast without toasting or adding butter or jam to taste the sweetness and it is moist and melts in your mouth.

Hokkaido 3.7 Milk Bread

Hokkaido 3.7 Milk Bread with a pillowy soft and fluffy cloud-like texture has a stretchy thick crust and the inside is incredibly airy that gives you a melt in your mouth experience. It would be even perfect eaten with a spread of jam for your own secret tasty treat.

Butter roll

Butter roll is so fluffy and slightly chewy which is unexpectedly perfect.

Cheese Stick Bread

Cheese stick bread is soft, buttery and filled with cheese, which is surprisingly yummy!

Chocolate Stick Bread

The perfect soft and airy chocolate stick bread is coated with chocolate which is absolutely tasty.

Hokkaido 3.7 Milk Pudding

This soft silky pudding using 3.7 Hokkaido milk and delicately flavored with caramel which simply melts in your mouth.

Mochi Waffle (Double Chocolate)

Fluffy Waffle with the double chocolate filling.

Hokkaido Cookie Cream Puff (Milk Cream)

Rich in Hokkaido milk cream inside the buff, big bite, greatly satisfied from Hokkaido Cookie Cream Puff (Milk Cream).

Belgian Ganache Chocolate Roll Cake

Belgian Ganache Chocolate Roll Cake using Belgian Ganache and chocolate cream, pairing with soft sponge cake which gives you the creamiest and softest texture.

Belgian Nama Chocolate Cup

The only melting moment of Belgian Nama Chocolate is melted in your mouth.

Fuel Your Morning Rush

The outer layer of the hash browns is extremely crispy, and the inner layer is filled with soft potato. Eating this "Fuel Your Morning Rush", waking you up from every sleepy morning!

Egg Salad Sandwich

Classic egg salad sandwich with chopped hard boiled eggs and mayonnaise served on toasted bread.


Who can resist this creamy color and flavorsome cheesy sauce that glistens around the pasta with intense pops of bacon!

Deep Fried Pork Cutlet Bowl

Deep Fried Pork Cutlet Bowl is fragrant and flavorsome that goes well with fried pork chop and hot rice.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese is cooked with the slow cooking method and the mixture of meat is so incredibly soft and tender.

Bacon Fusilli with Spinach

The combination of bacon and spinach give you double satisfactions to begin the day with.

Beef and Cheese Lasagna

Filling with plenty of mozzarella cheese, this lasagna fills up your big appetite!

Chicken Spaghetti With Pesto Sauce

Basil pesto chicken spaghetti is packed with flavor and comes together so amazingly - it's sure to become your all time favorite!

A-1 BAKERY Eco Bag

Fukuoka Amaou Strawberry Jam

Wakayama White Peach Jam

Wakayama Arida Mandarin Orange Jam

Aomori Fuji Apple Jam